Take to the skies in this relaxing mobile game adventure. You play as TOBU, the spirit of flight, as you soar through the air and collect rings to move between the earth and spirit planes.

  • Genre: Endless Runner, Casual
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile
  • Role: Lead Programmer

My Contributions to the Project

As one of the two programmers on this project, I found myself in charge of most of the game’s core functionality. I designed and implemented the player controller, the procedural tile generator, the menus, and more.

Endless Running with Scaling Difficulty

The first, and largest, hurdle of implementing TOBU’s core gameplay was creating the tile generator. The script uses prefabricated obstacle tiles that instantiates regularly a set distance away from the player. Over time, the generator grabs from more difficult tile sets to keep the player in a state of flow. Tiles that are out of view are object pooled.

Rings and World Transition

TOBU’s core game loop revolves around the flying through rings. After collecting 5 rings, the world transitions to the spirit realm until they miss a ring. The more time spent in the spirit realm, the more points the player will have by the end of their run. Implementing this aspect of the game was a simple matter of tracking the player’s current ring count, detecting whether they reach the maximum or missed a ring, and transitioning states appropriately.