Save the futuristic city of New Frontier and stop the Remix Police from stealing the music in this high-speed action game! 

  • Genre: Action, Rhythm, Brawler
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Platforms: PC
  • Role: Creative Director

My Contributions to the Project

As the creative director of Technobabble, I worked with the other project leads in informing the game’s major mechanics, art style, and music direction. Additionally, I served as one of the key members of the tech team. I developed the prototypes and final implementation of several of the game’s core features, some of which are showcased below.

Rail Grinding

The primary mode of movement in Technobabble. The player grinds on rails that they land on, allowing them to move at greater speeds than when skating or jumping. I developed the prototype for this mechanic and later refined it, with the other members of the tech team, throughout the project.


A grappling beam that pulls the player towards the nearest enemy or tether target. The tether serves as both a combat technique as well as affording the player even more mobility.


Combat in Technobabble features a combo system and generous enemy tracking. I contributed to the enemy tracking and created the prototype for the combo system.

Skating Movement

I worked closely with the tech team in developing systems for “skate inspired” movement. This includes contributing to the implementation of systems such as sliding down slopes, banking, and braking.