Santa’s helpers are on a rampage! Join Teddy – a toy gone rogue – as he stands alone against Father Christmas’ out of control minions.

  • Genre: Arcade, Shooter
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: PC
  • Role: Lead Programmer

My Contributions to the Project

I developed many of Slaybells’ core systems, and oversaw the scripts which I did not write myself. Additionally, by the nature of being on a small team, I found myself reaching briefly into other roles such as level design.

Top-down Shooting

Slaybells uses simple but engaging shooting mechanics. The player wields a machine gun which must be regularly reloaded, and a limited supply of devastating grenades. I worked closely with the team’s other programmer in developing the player and enemy scripts which drive the low-level gameplay.

Procedural Dungeons

Conceptualized as a “Rogue-like Arcade Shooter”, Slaybells was planned from the start to have procedural dungeon generation. I implemented a script that pulls from a pool of nearly 100 prefabricated rooms and arranges them into a unique map, ensuring that no two playthroughs are exactly alike.


No arcade style game is complete without power-ups. The team’s other programmer and I worked together to create a handful of different pick-ups, ranging from simple health packs to destructive spray-pattern upgrades.